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About Us

Investment Through Leadership Expertise


How It Started

In the early 1990s, two guys–Clark Ivory and Jim Seaberg–met at Harvard Business School. They and their young families became friends but after graduation each began separate career paths. Clark returned to Utah to extend and eventually own and run the Ivory Homes platform created by his father. Jim became a partner at an international consulting firm. The two stayed in touch and co-invested in real estate over the years. When Ivory Homes had assembled a critical mass of commercial real estate, Jim came to Utah to run the commercial business platform. Over the decades, the businesses and buildings they invested in have changed but the philosophy remains the same: invest in land, properties, businesses, and public market opportunities at the right price, engage the best team, and add significant value to each investment through operational and leadership expertise.

ICO Companies Office:

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The ICO Companies, a sister company to Ivory Homes, Utah’s Largest Homebuilder for 31 years.