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Approach To Create Value

Creating Balance Investment Vs Wealth


How ICO Capital Creates Value

ICO Capital is fully aligned with the ICO Companies’ interests, applying an approach to generate superior, risk-adjusted returns with liquidity as needed to support ICO private company and real estate investment opportunities as they materialize.

ICO Capital is owned 100% by Ivory Homes and ICO Companies, for the Ivory Companies

ICO Capital has no outside shareholders or influences.

ICO Capital serves only ICO Companies, providing scale and focus that gives access to non-traditional and sophisticated investment vehicles.

ICO Capital does not seek profit for itself but only seeks superior returns for its owners, thereby avoiding conflicts typical to most fee-based asset managers.

ICO Capital’s governance structure positions it for superior investment performance, while protecting owners’ capital

ICO Capital’s investment management team has a simple goal: to maximize long-term, risk-adjusted performance, balanced by liquidity objectives.

ICO Capital is governed by a properly-motivated Board of Directors consisting solely of owners direct investment decisions, executed by members. The Board makes strategic decisions and appoints ICO Capital management.

Investment management team members have no mandate to seek profit for ICO Capital. Rather, their mandate is to build wealth over the long term.The ICO Board and senior team members are owners or substantial investors in ICO Capital.

ICO Companies Office:

3401 N. Center St. Suite 300 Lehi, UT 84043


The ICO Companies, a sister company to Ivory Homes, Utah’s Largest Homebuilder for 31 years.